5 Steps to Wash a Car Perfectly Without Water

Washing your car with water on a regular basis may not be a suitable idea as it can waste a lot of later. Therefore it gets quite important that you explore water less car washing options and for this purpose a waterless car wash product can prove quite handy. Waterless car wash products help you wash the car without water with minimum efforts and provide you with a clean and sparkling car. Here are some of the methods that you can follow for a perfect car wash without water –

Water less Car Wash
Water less Car Wash

Arrange car washing tools and accessories

Washing a car without water may prove quite a tough task if you do not have the proper availability of car washing tools and accessories. Therefore it becomes advisable that first of all, you look to equip yourself with a perfect waterless car washer along with 2/3 cotton microfiber towels. The important thing that you need to consider is that car washing liquid should be the preferred brand and should be known to give a complete cleaning to the car. Along with cotton, you can also go for synthetic microfibers as they also soak the dirt quite efficiently and give a perfect dry wash to your car.

Spray the cleaner on the perfectly

Going for a dry car wash is quite simple and the first step is to simply mist the waterless cleaner on different sections of the car. Since the lower part of the car is most dirty and contains maximum dirt it is advisable that you start from the roof of the car and progress from higher to lower sections. Cleaning from top to bottom helps you maintain smoothness with the process, and you tend to achieve perfection.

Keep on cleaning the sprayed area

When opting for a dry car wash, it gets advisable that you focus on cleaning every section of the car as it is being sprayed. Waterless cleaner sprays have a tendency to dry very quickly and therefore it gets important that you keep on cleaning the car simultaneously with the help of a sprayer. The idea is to use a perfect cotton or synthetic cloth and rub it on the section where cleaner has been applied. The cloth soaks up all the dirt and dust and gives a perfect cleaning to the car without the use of water.

Continue with the cleaning along the lower section

To clean the car perfectly, it is quite important that you keep on spraying the cleaner onto the lower sections of the car. When the towel or cloth gets dirty it is important to fold it to cleaner side or you can change it with another clean towel. A dirty towel may result in scratches and use a new towel is ideal.
Make sure the car is perfectly cleaned – Once the process of cleaning has been completed you should make sure that car is perfectly cleaned. For this purpose, you can spray the cleaner on the car and clean it with a new towel, if the towel does not get dirty or contain any dust than the car is perfectly cleaned.

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