Top Ten Best Car Jump Starters in the Market 2017

If you are a regular commuter, then the electrical power of a four wheeler is bound to collapse one day. A sudden revise in the temperature, low water level in the battery cells or reduced capability to charge up may cause your vehicle to lose its electrical power which is not a very rare phenomenon. People generally carry a pair of jumper cables in order to feel prepared for such an issue. However, jumper cables will prove to be of absolutely no use if there is no power source available. No one can plan for a car to lose its power forget about the location of breakage. Jump starters provide you complete reliability in case your car’s power gives out and you are absolutely alone in the middle of nowhere.
Earlier, when mobile jumper boxes did not exist, people had to look out for external sources of power in order to jump start the car. Although it is not even close to being a thing of the past, it is still as tiresome and painful as it was before. If your car gets stuck with electrical issues in the middle of nowhere only a stranger kind enough to lend you his or her car or a decent power outlet can help you regain that lost juice. And suppose we manage to secure all that we still have to connect the jump cables to one end of our battery and the other to the power outlet or source. This will again work only if the power requirement is fulfilled by that respective source. The impulsive charge required by your battery may not be available with the fellow commuter’s car.
However, things have changed now drastically with regards to technology. Availability of jump starter boxes has changed the game completely. These portable boxes weigh less than 5 pounds and will provide with over 15 jumps with single charging. These portable jump starter boxes are easily available at your local automotive shops and online on websites like in the huge variety of specifications suiting your car at really affordable rates which are definitely going to suit your budget.
This is a guide to battery operated jump starters, portable jump starters, jump starter boxes and anything else that can be carried in your car easily and is in fact very mobile. No more reliance on external power source as these jump starters have their own battery and a set of jumper cables which will help you unstuck from those unnerving situations.
We have deduced a plethora of jump starter boxes and come up with a list of top ten from around the market which you will surely like and most probably end your search with one of them. Enjoy.
10. Performance Tool W1665 Jump Starter and Inflator

Following are the Top 10 Best Car Jump Starters in the Market

10.Performance Tool W1665

Performance Tool W1665 900 Amp Jump StarterThe 10th contender on our list is this performance packed box that goes a bit towards the traditional direction in terms of design. However, in its functionality, the Performance Tool W1665 boasts of 900 peak amps and 400 cranking amps of charge in its jumper box. Apart from being the underdog that it is in terms of power, it features an air compressor for inflating tires, rafts, basketballs, inflatable sofas and what not. This product is extremely portable as it weighs just over 14 pounds.
It sports a comfortable rubber grasp or grip on the top of its handle which makes it very easy to carry from A to B. With additional functions of the reverse polar warning light and a three led battery life indicator this product is a steal at its given price. On top of all a 24 inch inflating hose is also included that can don air up to 300 psi. This is a great tool to have in your trunk and it will definitely not take a lot of space.

9. Jump-N-Carry JNC300XLC Ultraportable 12V Jump Starter

Jump-N-Carry JNC300XLC
The 9th contestant on this list is the Jump-N-Carry JNC300XLC Portable 12-Volt jump starter. It may seem like a smaller product but it will jump a car like kid jumps on a trampoline. It is almost 1/3rd the size of your usual jumper box and is still is not the smallest piece of machinery in its category. It weighs at around 9 pounds when fully charge it is bundled with two jumper cables and a portable torch so that one can work easily during the after hours. This product is Oregon and California energy standards compliant. As an evidence for that, the ‘C’ can be noticed at the end of its model name.
When fully charged it gushes out a smashing 900 amps and 225 cranking amps. It bundles a 27-inch cable for hooking it up with the negative and positive ends of the battery. A 12 voltage socket for juicing up your other electronic equipment is also found in its box.
For people who are tight on a budget can definitely go for this product. Nonresidents of California and Oregon can salvage up to 30 dollars by sticking with the nonenergy standards compliant version.

8. Stanley J5C09 Jump Starter with Compressor

Stanley J5C09
Looking like a BB8 from stars war this cute baby aka Stanley J5C09 Jump Starter Box is one of the most preferred products in this pricing. It looks stylish and cute and is extremely portable. This jump starter comes with an air compressor which will pump out 120 psi of compressed air on its maximum turn. When fully juiced up it pushes out a smashing 1000 peak amps and a whopping 500 instant reviving amps. It weighs around 18 pounds with full charging and that is about a common weight mark most jump starter boxes touch. A LED indicator reflects the battery’s position while a reverse polarity indicator signals the correct hook up of wires.
With the additional functionality of USB, it becomes a necessary part of your tool box. It can be used to charge all your USB enabled devices and DC port is also included for further accessibility. This is a heavy duty worker and will dwell well with your car or your truck.


7. Nekteck Multifunction Car Jump Starter Portable Power Bank

Nekteck Multifunction
Nekteck Multifunction Car Jump Starter Portable Power Bank brings the technological innovation to another level. This power bank shaped battery jump starter reaches 600 peak amps with only 16800 mAh of battery capacity. It functions with car engines of capacity up to 5 liters in the case of a petrol engine and 3 litres in the event of diesel engine. It weighs less than 2 pounds so it is needless to describe how portable it is when it comes with dimensions of 3.1 inches in width and 1.6 inches in length. This car jump starter box will fit snugly in your back pocket, lest it be your car. It will fit in your glove compartment quickly along with other accessories it holds.
It not only sports the dimensions and weight of a power bank but has placed two USB ports for the ease of charging the electronic devices. It can jump start a car 25 times after it has been fully juiced up. With this pricing and this portability, it would be an unfortunate mistake to let it pass.

6. DBPOWER DJS30 Portable Jump Starter

Our 6th ranked product is yet another ultra portable battery jumper box. What makes DBPOWER DJS30 Car, Phone and Laptop Power Pack so impressive is its compatibility with its power output. Uncasing the box one can notice a comfy soft block along with its accessories. It feels a bit premium too with all the accessories it is packed with.This car jumper weighs close to a pound and is wonderfully well balanced. Its dimensions are a length of 7.5 inches and width of 3.4 inches.
It has a red LED battery indicator on the side and a bright white torch LED light on another side. With 16500 mAh of juice, it produces 600 peak amps. With a full charge, it will give around 20 cranks to your engine. Its accessories like cables and handles are very well insulated and their built quality is superb. USB terminals and ports are also located for additional functionality.
This is a complete all rounder with supreme quality.


5. Schumacher XP2260 Portable Power Source

Schumacher XP2260
This product has been designed with heavy vehicles in consideration. Schumacher XP2260 is a portable power source provides you with 1200 peak amps of jumping charge which is ideal for larger vehicles and engines. It’s bossy looks and ultra modern design will never fail to impress you. It has been bundled with a variety of accessories which includes USB port to juice up electronic devices. It sports two 12 volts sockets and two 120 volts AC outlets also. An air compressor is also built in this car jumper along with an air inflator-deflator.
It has a LED digital display that indicates the battery levels and two sure grip clamps, one on the side and one on top of the battery pack. It has a maintenance free lead acid battery which is sealed so that you can place it in any position and a rocking trip will not spoil its capacity.
If your requirement is for a durable product that gives you unmatched quality and output then this is the way to go.

4. Schumacher PSJ-1812 DSR ProSeries Jump Starter and Portable Power Unit

Schumacher PSJ-1812
The Schumacher PSJ-1812 ProSeries portable jump box is the smallest in its category. Even though it is portable with respect to its size, the peak amps are at a smashing level of 1200 volts. Weighing just 18 pounds this baby becomes really efficient to carry in your car.
Along with the 1200 peak amps, this product gushes out 280 units of crank amps and 225 cold ones. It boasts of 18 amp professional standard heavy duty battery which is also rechargeable through the charging port located on the jumper box.
However, there are not many accessories present in the box. Apart from cables, there is almost nothing in terms of cookies. But if car starter jump box is your only requirement and you are searching for a professional quality product then this is your best bet.

3. NOCO Genius Boost HD GB70 Portable Jump Starter 12-Volt

NOCO Genius Boost HD GB70
This product is a customer’s choice winner if there were any. Fulfilling the needs of a spectrum of consumers, NOCO Genius Boost HD GB70 Portable Jump Starter 12-Volt is a hats off the product on the online market. This car jumper promises 2000 peak amps and up to 40 times jumps in a single full charging. This jump starter is a travelers’ device. It has the capacity to charge up to 8 USB electronic devices at once. Not only that, it also provides a 12 volts of power whenever needed.
This car jumper box weighs a little less than 2 pounds that make it extremely portable. It can jump start vehicles with engines as big as 8 liters capacity in case of petrol and 6 litres in the case of diesel engines. It also sports 400 lumens LED flashlight with 7 modes including strobe and SOS functionality.
This is one of the top three products on this list. It is definitely advisable to go with it.

2. Jump-N-Carry JNC660C 12-Volt Jump Starter

Jump-N-Carry JNC660C
One of the best sold conventional styled jumper boxes, Jump-N-Carry JNC660C 12-Volt Jump Starter has been particularly designed in such a way that it is compatible with any vehicle you attach it with. The most minimalistic styled jumper box, JNC660C bundles no extra accessories at all which might cause a drain of juice by any chance. It promises 1700 peak amps and 425 crank cold amps and a variation from light to heavy duty vehicles. This is one of the most appreciated products in this category.
A higher grade of gauge wire has been used to make both of its 46-inch terminals. It has a recharging station on the front as well as on the back. A traditional analog gauge is situated in the front for battery readings. This is one of the most impressive car jumpers so there is hardly any need to think two times.

1. Suaoki G7 Portable Car Jump Starter

Suaoki G7
Our finalist and the sole winner of this top ten list, the Suaoki G7 Portable Car Jump Starter was a tough choice. We were quite torn between the runner-up and G7 but we finally settled with this one. This is by far one of the most powerful cum portable car jumper box present in the market currently. With 18000 mAh of voltage supply, this is the most powerful car jumper of this dimension and weight. It weighs at just 3 pounds. Dimensions of the box are 7.3 inches in length. It sports 2 USB ports for charging electronic devices.
Along with the charging station, it also has backlit LED display to indicate battery status and what not. It is entirely compatible with 5 liter petrol and 3.5 liter diesel engine vehicles. It also has a reverse polarity protection feature so that you will not get confused with the wires. At its budgetary pricing and premium built quality, this product is a must for your car. It is extremely portable as it will comfortable fit in your glove compartment. Do not think twice and just go for this baby.



10 Techniques to Make Your Car Look Perfect

A car is the one of the most valuable asset that one can own. Cars are quite expensive and require a suitable maintenance in order to stay new and shining. The important thing is to wash the car on regular basis and you should also look for a perfect servicing in order to maintain the performance. Here are few tips that you can follow to clean and detail your car with perfection –

car Wash
car Wash

Look to enhance the surface of your car perfectly –   A best car is one which looks best from surface and shine with glow. It is therefore gets important that you treat the surface of your car like you treat your face and make sure it is always shining. Dirt and dust should not be given a chance to accumulate and you should look to clean the car on DIY basis regularly.

Go for duct clean to make your car smell fresh Air conditioning and heating ductwork gets filled with dust and dirt regularly and makes your car smell quite unpleasing.  In order to remove the dirt and dust perfectly you can take help of portable compressor. This is quite an easy and simple way to blow dust from the heating and cooling systems.

Go for Non acid based tire cleaners- Tires are quite important accessories and are prone to dirt and dust the most. Cleaning the inside of your tires is quite important and you should always go for non-acidic cleaners for this purpose. Acidic ones are harmful and can hamper the alloy wheel and may also harm the color coat of tires.

Washing your car with hands is a perfect washCars get dirty quite easily and lose their shine easily. Washing them at regular intervals is advisable and there is no best method than self for this purpose. You can clean your car according to you and with proper cleaning materials and cotton cloth there is negligible chance of any scratches or swirl mark.

Paint cleaners to clean stains – Bird droppings and stains can cause a greater impact if not looked upon properly. Stains can cause further damage to the pain and at this you can simply opt for paint cleaners that can help remove the stains perfectly.

Polish your car to make the paint look smooth- A car looks best when it shines perfectly. It is therefore gets important that you take help of a branded polish and apply on the surface to make your car shine perfectly.

Use wax to protect the paint-   There are many a times when your car gets dirty and end up with stains. At this time you can take help of wax before washing your car. This can help you quite swiftly and may make your car shine in the best manner.

Go for wax regularly- It is important to make your car look perfect and for this purpose you can go for regular wax cleaning with every season. This can enhance the shine of your car quite perfectly and may help keep the shine for longer.

Go for detail cleaning- In order to make your car look nice and protect the pain coat you should use wax to protect it with the help of wax. Wax helps reduce the stain and keeps your car in perfect shine.

Make the glass shine – The windows are the most important part of your car and you can enhance their look by making your glass shine perfectly. You can for this purpose opt for glass

Proper Washing and Drying Techniques for Your Car

Washing the car properly is quite important and you should look to utilize a perfect technique for it. There are many of you who are not aware of proper washing techniques and end up making swirl marks on car. Washing your car properly on weekly basis is important and you should look to take help of proper drying techniques for a perfect cleaning. Harmful washing techniques with help of detergents or local liquids may prove damaging and would give your car swirls and scratches. The damages can prove quite disturbing and to avoid such problems you can follow the given below tips for a perfect wash-

Washing Car
Washing Car

Washing your car is an advisable idea – Washing your car weekly is a suitable idea as it removes contaminants that get attached to the car. There are many harmful elements that get attached to the car and when you wash your car on regular intervals it removes all the harmful contaminants. Elements like bug bird dropping and bug remains can hamper the look of your car to quite an extent and may bond to the surface of your car.

Harmful elements and contaminants can impact the coat of your car and washing your car weekly may prove quite handy in removing them. You should also look to clean the dust that is involved with the brakes brake pads. Every part of the car form rear brakes, dust with silencer should be washed properly and this can simply make your stay clean perfect.

Try and take help of proper cleaning tools – The most important aspect regarding car washing is to pick a shady space and you should try to avoid direct sunlight. You should look to use sprays and cleaning liquids that are easy on the paint and do not hamper the coat in anyway. It is quite advisable that you take help of soft sponges and mitts that prove effective and easy on the car paint and provide a hassle free cleaning without much damage. The natural fibers with sponges and mitts prove quite soft and traps dirt and dust quite effectively without affecting the look of the car in anyway.

Let’s look at some of the tips for handy washing

  • You should look to clean the wheels and tires of the car first. You can take help of a soft bristle wheel brush to clean the wheels without scratches.
  • To clean your car perfectly you can take help of soft mitts and branded cleaning liquids for a perfect and suitable washing.
  • Another important step is to go take help of tar remover and stains removers to clean swirls and stains in a perfect manner.
  • It is important to rinse you car thoroughly before you go for proper cleaning for the car. You can look to start from the top and clean the car along the mirrors and whole body.

Once the car has been washed properly and all the process like stain removing and tar removing has been achieved, it gets important to dry your car perfectly. You can at this time choose a cotton cloth or any sort of synthetic cloth for proper drying. The materials are quite perfect and absorb the water in a suitable manner without leaving a scratch mark either.


What is The Best Way to Wash My Car?

Washing your car on regular intervals is quite advisable to keep you car shine perfectly. One question that you prove quite challenging is what is the best way to wash the car? Most probably, the local car wash is not the suitable choice. They may seem a fair choice but at times may prove harmful as the car wash experts can cause scratches to your car. To avoid scratches and make sure that your car gets cleaned perfectly you can simply go for DIY cleaning with the help of some basic cleaning supplies. Here’s a look at some of the most important requirements.

How to Wash Your Car
How to Wash Your Car

Car wash liquid   The most important thing that you require for a perfect car wash is car wash liquid. Stay away from dry powder as the crystals with powders can cause scratches. You should also avoid the use of dishwashing liquid and go for only liquids that are specifically made to wash the cars. You should invest in a reliable brand and the one that provides glossy affect is more suitable than wax one.

Bucket for preparing the solution – A bucket is quite handy in order to wash the car with perfection. You should use your bucket for car washing only and should not use for any purpose. Mixing in it chemicals or drain oil should be strictly avoided and you should wash your bucket properly after use.

A wash mit or quality sponge – A wash mit is quite suitable as it is smooth and slips on the car quite effortlessly.  The wash mit proves quite perfect and accumulates the rinsed dirt and small particles quite effectively. I personally love wash mit as they are easy to grip and can be cleaned quite hassle feely by holding the hose in the hand while flushing out the fiber.

Stain or tar remover – Cars often get dirty with some kind of stain or tar. To make your life easier you can opt for a perfect tar remover or stain remover. You can take help of different options and can look to settle with the best that suits your car.

Towels of chamois for drying – It gets quite important that you dry your car with full care after washing it.  You can take help of cotton towels or synthetic chamois for this purpose.  Both materials are quite handy and absorb the water quite perfectly and give the car a perfect shine.

The car washing process

First of all you should make sure that you chose a place that is cool and avoid direct sunlight. When starting with the cleaning you should first look to spray tar or stain removers to clean them perfectly. Bugs or stains are quite hard and can spoil the paint of car. It is therefore gets important that you first soften the stain and then get it removed with the help of tar remover.

After you have removed the stains now it is time to wash your car. You can start with the roof of the car and proceed to other sections slowly and steadily. The idea is to apply the liquid to every corner of the car and scrub it smoothly repeatedly. You need to clean the car properly and once every corner is covered, now you can rinse the car and dry with the cotton or synthetic for a perfect wash.

5 Steps to Wash a Car Perfectly Without Water

Washing your car with water on a regular basis may not be a suitable idea as it can waste a lot of later. Therefore it gets quite important that you explore water less car washing options and for this purpose a waterless car wash product can prove quite handy. Waterless car wash products help you wash the car without water with minimum efforts and provide you with a clean and sparkling car. Here are some of the methods that you can follow for a perfect car wash without water –

Water less Car Wash
Water less Car Wash

Arrange car washing tools and accessories

Washing a car without water may prove quite a tough task if you do not have the proper availability of car washing tools and accessories. Therefore it becomes advisable that first of all, you look to equip yourself with a perfect waterless car washer along with 2/3 cotton microfiber towels. The important thing that you need to consider is that car washing liquid should be the preferred brand and should be known to give a complete cleaning to the car. Along with cotton, you can also go for synthetic microfibers as they also soak the dirt quite efficiently and give a perfect dry wash to your car.

Spray the cleaner on the perfectly

Going for a dry car wash is quite simple and the first step is to simply mist the waterless cleaner on different sections of the car. Since the lower part of the car is most dirty and contains maximum dirt it is advisable that you start from the roof of the car and progress from higher to lower sections. Cleaning from top to bottom helps you maintain smoothness with the process, and you tend to achieve perfection.

Keep on cleaning the sprayed area

When opting for a dry car wash, it gets advisable that you focus on cleaning every section of the car as it is being sprayed. Waterless cleaner sprays have a tendency to dry very quickly and therefore it gets important that you keep on cleaning the car simultaneously with the help of a sprayer. The idea is to use a perfect cotton or synthetic cloth and rub it on the section where cleaner has been applied. The cloth soaks up all the dirt and dust and gives a perfect cleaning to the car without the use of water.

Continue with the cleaning along the lower section

To clean the car perfectly, it is quite important that you keep on spraying the cleaner onto the lower sections of the car. When the towel or cloth gets dirty it is important to fold it to cleaner side or you can change it with another clean towel. A dirty towel may result in scratches and use a new towel is ideal.
Make sure the car is perfectly cleaned – Once the process of cleaning has been completed you should make sure that car is perfectly cleaned. For this purpose, you can spray the cleaner on the car and clean it with a new towel, if the towel does not get dirty or contain any dust than the car is perfectly cleaned.

Hand Car Wash Near Me

Hand Car Wash Near Me

Whether you have bought your first four-wheeler or have been driving one for quite a while, you must be aware that keeping your car clean and dirt-free is very important. This is when you start looking for hand car wash near me ads. Car washing is easily available at all garages and car service stations. However, today many car owners like to go for hand car wash companies that provide end-to-end cleaning services while saving a lot of your time and money.

Hand Wash Car Near ME
Hand Wash Car Near ME

Understanding the difference between traditional car wash and hand car wash

First and foremost, it is very important to understand how a traditional car wash differs from hand car wash. For the unaware, there are several areas where they vary.

What about Water Usage ?

When it comes to picking the ideal option from several hand car wash near me pop-up ads, one perennial question faced by nearly all car owners is whether traditional car wash cash that consumes more water or whether a hand car wash will use up more water. Though it is true that a well-done car wash requires ample water, the right washing technique and products can help in minimizing the wastage of water.  Today, one can find a lot o ways and products that help in reducing water consumption, while still keeping your four-wheeler spick and span.
Hand Wash

Is the hand car wash method eco-sensitive?

Yes, this is a very important question to ask the hand car wash company. If you pick a reliable hand car wash company, then they would surely be following environment-friendly practices. They also make a point of using washing powders and detergents that do not contaminate water rivers and streams.


It is also an established fact that hand car washing companies charge considerably less as compared to automatic washing service providers.

Understanding the differences between hand car wash and automatic wash

Those who have gone for automatic car washing services agree that such kind of cleaning can sometimes cause harm to the vehicle. Some unwanted dents and scratches may appear post an automatic car wash. In comparison, hand car washes are not just completely safe, but also effective in eradicating all dirt particles completely from all nook and corners. Also with automatic car washes, it becomes difficult to figure out any defects and malfunctioning in the car engine.

Engaging exercise

As compared to automatic car washing where the entire process seems to mechanic and monotonous, hand car washing is more engaging and fulfilling. Indeed, washing your own car comes with its own memories, hard work and thought. If you have kids at your home, they regularly see how you clean the car and the importance of car cleaning and maintenance is imbibed in them at a younger age.


If you choose a trusted and a highly rated hand car washing company, then you can be assured that the results are going to be great and error-free.  These professionals are highly skilled and can deliver comprehensive cleaning treatments.

Many studies have indicated that automatic car cleaning is not as satisfying as hand car washes since the amount of human intervention is close to negligible in automatic car washing treatments.

Self Car Wash Near Me

Self Car Wash Near Me

When you look for self car wash near me services, you will be surprised to find out that that there are several companies offering these services at affordable prices. Also, there are several benefits of opting for self car cleaning instead of automatic car washes and other techniques.First and very important, self car wash companies come with attractive and pocket-friendly rates as opposed to those high-end automatic car washing companies. Since no expert intervention is involved, the charges are also less. In fact, if you involve your kids and other family members in the task, it can get even more joyful, fun and engaging at the same.

Self Service Sar Wash
Self Service Sar Wash

Contrary to popular perception, self car washing is not just about using soap and clean water. Today, advanced techniques like high pressure cleaning and rinsing have given a whole new meaning to self car cleaning and this process no longer remains the routine task of scrubbing with soap and pouring water. Many car-owners shy away from using car foam polish thinking that it is very expensive. However, this is not always true as several self-car cleaning companies use good-quality foam polish without charging extra to their clients.

Waxing, rinsing, foaming, high pressure scrubbing and presoaking are requisites of all self car-wash service companies. Before you pick one, make sure they follow the below procedures.

Wheel Cleaning

The self-car wash cleaning professional will be using a wheel cleaner. The cleaner makes sure the car tires remain soaked and drenched for adequate time. This helps all dirt and dust particles to dislodge from the rubber tires.

High pressure lathering and bug removal

A number of self-car cleaning services also do bug removal. These are very beneficial in spring and summer season. Essentially, the remover is placed on the car’s windshield, front profile and mirrors’ back portions.

Foaming brush

Many car –owners are confused when it comes to deciding whether to use a foam brush or not. The trap is that if not used properly, the brush may end up denting or scratching the car body. Most self-car washing companies are well-versed with its usage and will use it only if they feel the need to.

Car Rinse

In most cases, car rinse involves using water at a very high pressure. This is because the whole car should be rinsed and no nook or corner has to be left. When rinsing, it is important that you very well cover those parts that are prone to higher dirt accumulation. Also, one should not forget cleaning the car wheels. This is because the wheel cleaner may not do its job entirely and this is exactly why rinsing tires with high pressure water is important.

As it is very evident, self car-wash service providers are going to be of very much help when you have think of getting your beloved four-wheeler all washed up and rinsed. Even if you plan to do it all by yourself, you surely would enjoy the whole process as it is quite fun and livening at the same time.


Automatic Car Wash Near Me

About Automatic Car Wash Near Me

My first dream car is my best buddy to chill out with on the weekends. But I always concerned with the cleaning and the maintenance of my car because of my busy schedules. Do you also wish to increase the lifetime of your beloved car and keep it always new alike? Searching for the efficient and professional service providers that will help you to maintain your car by protecting it from the dirt, scratches and clean up the debris from the interiors in more efficiently and effectively than old conventional car wash methods? “Automatic Car wash near me” is the perfect solution for you. The automatic Car washers not only can improve the look of your vehicle but also it can increase the lifespan of it with modern techniques as compared to the DIY and conventional methods of the car wash. Why you should search for “automatic car wash near me”?


Save the water

You just can’t think of the cleaning of your car without water. But do you know how much water get wasted in self-serve car washes? Clean water scarcity has become one of the big problems in India and many other countries all over the world affecting people’s lives in many ways. Automatic Car washers require lesser water as compared to the hand car washes and self-service car washes. You can cut down the water usage with the automatic car wash by 60%. Sound ‘s pretty good, isn’t it? Being a responsible civilian, you should search for the “automatic car wash near me” service providers those effectively follow the water conservation policies too.

Hand car washes and DIY sessions with conservative techniques of car wash use approximate 150 gallons of water. Automatic car washes, on the other hand, requires lesser water comparatively and can save on water. So environmentalists admire and recommend the automatic car washes over hand car washes and DIY methods of car washes. The water used during auto car wash can be recycled, cleaned and treated before it is used for another car wash. This re-use and re cycling of water which provoke to the water conservation and helps to keep the environment healthy. Sone automatic car wash service providers gave an effective mechanism to recycle and re-use the water for the cleaning which is affordable. Also dripping the water into the ground can be prohibited and prevent the ground water being polluted by soaps and detergents. Thus automatic car wash is beneficial for the environment over the hand car wash sessions. You must have already started with searching “Automatic car wash near me” but more reasons to search “automatic car wash near me” are as below mentioned. It doesn’t damage your vehicle. One of the important reasons you should search for the “automatic car wash near me” is to prevent your precious vehicle from getting damaged. You must be more concerned about the safety and look of your vehicles. But in fact the hand car wash done carelessly can cause the scratches and damages to your premium vehicles. With automatic car wash, you need not to worry about this, as in the automatic car wash, advanced technology and improved technique is used that handle your vehicle very gently. Automatic car wash uses the touch-less techniques and brush-less methods such as high pressure sprays to remove the dirt particles. Number of risks to get tiny scratches are comparatively lesser in automatic car wash. Moreover, professional service providers have insurance and special cover policies to protect your vehicle from unwanted and unexpected scratches and other damage during the cleaning process. This is more than enough reason to search for the “automatic car wash near me” service providers but still if you are worrying about the budget, keep reading.

May not be as expensive as you think

You must be thinking that, with the latest techniques of car wash and water conservation, automatic car wash must be an expensive affair but fortunately it is not the case. In fact, automatic car washes help you to save on more in the long run.

Old techniques of DIY car wash mechanism use the special equipment’s, chemicals and excessive consumption of the water. Nowadays automatic car wash providers offer special discounts that will help to save more money. As the expenditure is into your budget, you can go search for “automatic car wash near me” professional service providers.

Time Saving

With the latest and advanced technology, automatic car washes require less time to clean up your vehicle you need not to spend much time to wash your dirty vehicle on weekend. Automatic car wash doesn’t take more than 30 minutes to clean your car’s interiors and exteriors as the entire job is done quickly and efficient in every way.

Now you can just search for “automatic car wash near me” and rely on the professional service of the automatic car wash and spend your weekend with your beloved ones.