What is The Best Way to Wash My Car?

Washing your car on regular intervals is quite advisable to keep you car shine perfectly. One question that you prove quite challenging is what is the best way to wash the car? Most probably, the local car wash is not the suitable choice. They may seem a fair choice but at times may prove harmful as the car wash experts can cause scratches to your car. To avoid scratches and make sure that your car gets cleaned perfectly you can simply go for DIY cleaning with the help of some basic cleaning supplies. Here’s a look at some of the most important requirements.

How to Wash Your Car
How to Wash Your Car

Car wash liquid   The most important thing that you require for a perfect car wash is car wash liquid. Stay away from dry powder as the crystals with powders can cause scratches. You should also avoid the use of dishwashing liquid and go for only liquids that are specifically made to wash the cars. You should invest in a reliable brand and the one that provides glossy affect is more suitable than wax one.

Bucket for preparing the solution – A bucket is quite handy in order to wash the car with perfection. You should use your bucket for car washing only and should not use for any purpose. Mixing in it chemicals or drain oil should be strictly avoided and you should wash your bucket properly after use.

A wash mit or quality sponge – A wash mit is quite suitable as it is smooth and slips on the car quite effortlessly.  The wash mit proves quite perfect and accumulates the rinsed dirt and small particles quite effectively. I personally love wash mit as they are easy to grip and can be cleaned quite hassle feely by holding the hose in the hand while flushing out the fiber.

Stain or tar remover – Cars often get dirty with some kind of stain or tar. To make your life easier you can opt for a perfect tar remover or stain remover. You can take help of different options and can look to settle with the best that suits your car.

Towels of chamois for drying – It gets quite important that you dry your car with full care after washing it.  You can take help of cotton towels or synthetic chamois for this purpose.  Both materials are quite handy and absorb the water quite perfectly and give the car a perfect shine.

The car washing process

First of all you should make sure that you chose a place that is cool and avoid direct sunlight. When starting with the cleaning you should first look to spray tar or stain removers to clean them perfectly. Bugs or stains are quite hard and can spoil the paint of car. It is therefore gets important that you first soften the stain and then get it removed with the help of tar remover.

After you have removed the stains now it is time to wash your car. You can start with the roof of the car and proceed to other sections slowly and steadily. The idea is to apply the liquid to every corner of the car and scrub it smoothly repeatedly. You need to clean the car properly and once every corner is covered, now you can rinse the car and dry with the cotton or synthetic for a perfect wash.

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