Proper Washing and Drying Techniques for Your Car

Washing the car properly is quite important and you should look to utilize a perfect technique for it. There are many of you who are not aware of proper washing techniques and end up making swirl marks on car. Washing your car properly on weekly basis is important and you should look to take help of proper drying techniques for a perfect cleaning. Harmful washing techniques with help of detergents or local liquids may prove damaging and would give your car swirls and scratches. The damages can prove quite disturbing and to avoid such problems you can follow the given below tips for a perfect wash-

Washing Car
Washing Car

Washing your car is an advisable idea – Washing your car weekly is a suitable idea as it removes contaminants that get attached to the car. There are many harmful elements that get attached to the car and when you wash your car on regular intervals it removes all the harmful contaminants. Elements like bug bird dropping and bug remains can hamper the look of your car to quite an extent and may bond to the surface of your car.

Harmful elements and contaminants can impact the coat of your car and washing your car weekly may prove quite handy in removing them. You should also look to clean the dust that is involved with the brakes brake pads. Every part of the car form rear brakes, dust with silencer should be washed properly and this can simply make your stay clean perfect.

Try and take help of proper cleaning tools – The most important aspect regarding car washing is to pick a shady space and you should try to avoid direct sunlight. You should look to use sprays and cleaning liquids that are easy on the paint and do not hamper the coat in anyway. It is quite advisable that you take help of soft sponges and mitts that prove effective and easy on the car paint and provide a hassle free cleaning without much damage. The natural fibers with sponges and mitts prove quite soft and traps dirt and dust quite effectively without affecting the look of the car in anyway.

Let’s look at some of the tips for handy washing

  • You should look to clean the wheels and tires of the car first. You can take help of a soft bristle wheel brush to clean the wheels without scratches.
  • To clean your car perfectly you can take help of soft mitts and branded cleaning liquids for a perfect and suitable washing.
  • Another important step is to go take help of tar remover and stains removers to clean swirls and stains in a perfect manner.
  • It is important to rinse you car thoroughly before you go for proper cleaning for the car. You can look to start from the top and clean the car along the mirrors and whole body.

Once the car has been washed properly and all the process like stain removing and tar removing has been achieved, it gets important to dry your car perfectly. You can at this time choose a cotton cloth or any sort of synthetic cloth for proper drying. The materials are quite perfect and absorb the water in a suitable manner without leaving a scratch mark either.


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